Cropping photos 2015-05-14

Photos edited in can be cropped using the crop tool, to a fixed, free or auto size. Cropping to a free size is the default, and activated by clicking and dragging over the photo to choose the area to crop. As you drag the parts of the image to be cropped out are greyed out.

The auto crop button, , will automatically crop the image to the minimum size required to display the image. This is often useful after shrinking, transforming or editing a photo.

Finally a fixed size crop can be activated by typing in a width, height or both and selecting the relevant unit. For example a typical 7"x5" photo crop can be activated by typing in 7, 5 and selecting inches. Moving the mouse over the image will allow you to select the area of the photo to be cropped.

Images are stored and edited in terms of pixels rather than inches or centimeters. Therefore inches/centimeters are converted into a pixel size automatically by using a Dots Per Inch, DPI value. If you want to print your photo it is important to match the DPI value used in to that of the printer by clicking and chosing the correct value. The default DPI value in is 300.

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