Local storage 2016-06-12

Stet.io has always had functionality to export your image or save your image structure to the cloud. Stet.io now makes it possible to save your image structure locally. This allows you to edit an image, save it, come back later and edit it again with all the layers as you left them. Simply click the (save) button and choose to save or load. The images are saved in your browser and will be available whenever you visit Stet.io.

This works by making use of HTML5 local storage, like so:

  window.localStorage.putItem('stet', canvas.toDataURL('png'));
  // To load
  image.src = window.localStorage.getItem('stet');

The image data is saved in your browser, meaning that no data leaves your computer. This is good for privacy, but prevents editing on another computer or even in a different browser. To do so consider using Stet.io's cloud storage instead.

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