The features the editor uses are tested on this page. If a box is green then it that part works! If a box is beige then that part partially works. If a box is red then that part doesn't work.

Only the parts labelled required are required to use the editor, the others are optional extras. For example if a webcam cannot be accessed webcam pictures cannot be taken.

Javascript - Required
Javascript is off.
Canvas - Required
Canvas is not supported.
Flexbox - Required
Flexbox is not supported.
Web Worker - Required
Web Workers are not supported.
CSS3 - Required
CSS3 styling not possible.
Webcam access
Webcam access is not supported.
Cloud load/save access.
Cloud load/save not possible.
Canvas blending
Canvas blending not possible.
Paste event
External copy and paste not possible.
Pixel editing
Pixel editing not possible.
Local storage (save/load)
Local storage is not possible.